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Foundations for Change, Zurich Flood Resilience Alliance Phase II, Full Report

Phase II of the Zurich Flood Resilience Alliance was launched in July 2018. The first year largely focused on setting up the internal systems and structures to achieve our broader objectives. Combining investment in these systems and structures with leveraging Phase I successes is already leading to promising contributions to flood resilience policy and practice globally. This learning report presents what we have learned about best-practice working as an Alliance and what that set-up is allowing us to accomplish. We have found that delivering resilience programming that achieves lasting, systems-level change requires functioning resiliently — principly to be flexible, adaptive, diverse, and collaborative. In setting up Phase II of the Alliance, we have intentionally considered and built these characteristics into our internal systems, processes, and ways of working. This effort, in turn, is enabling the collective action required for achieving lasting, beneficial changes in flood resilience spending, policy, and practice.
Autor: Zurich Flood Resilience Alliance
Idioma: English
Publicado por: ZFRA
Fecha de Publicación: December 2019

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