RRD a nivel comunitario

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The disastrous impact of an event is related with the socio-economic, geographic and climatic conditions of the community. Community based DRR provides opportunity for the community to evaluate and analyse their hazardous condition, vulnerabilities and capacities, including all resources available for reducing disaster risk based on their experiences. Community Based DRR when integrated with national level planning ensures the bottom up planning approach as the local needs are met and the root cause of risk are addressed through local knowledge and expertise.

Spongy City

This video explains the concept of Sponge

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If you're ever in a car accident that results in the car sinking,

Beat the Flood

In Bangladesh when you live near the river having a flood-proof house

Beat the flood: flood resistant homes in Bangladesh

Poor people are often the most vulnerable to natural disasters, such

Nepal Flood 2017

Heavy rainfall started from the midnight of 12 August 2017. The

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This documentary describes how a collaborative work with a

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This document is a manual covering the different designs of

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A simple device for washing your hands after going to the


This brief looks at the option of using bio-latrines, an on-site

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Estableciendo prioridades para las inversiones de reconstrucción

Con frecuencia, los esfuerzos de recuperación a largo plazo se

Reasentamientos: Documento breve de Política

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Esta guía contiene las instrucciones para la realización, de

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El objetivo general del Taller fue propiciar en las instancias

La gestión del riesgo de desastres hoy: contextos globales,...

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Diagnóstico de la situación de riesgo de desastres en Chile

Este documento, además de poner en evidencia la voluntad política