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The disastrous impact of an event is related with the socio-economic, geographic and climatic conditions of the community. Community based DRR provides opportunity for the community to evaluate and analyse their hazardous condition, vulnerabilities and capacities, including all resources available for reducing disaster risk based on their experiences. Community Based DRR when integrated with national level planning ensures the bottom up planning approach as the local needs are met and the root cause of risk are addressed through local knowledge and expertise.

The Role of Gaming in Water Resource Management

Case study about teaching the principles of integrated water

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In 2016 the government’s National Flood Resilience Review

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Small Island States include two-thirds of the countries that face

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This thesis employs a political ecological approach to examine

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Asia and the Pacific is the region most affected by natural

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La nueva Guía Natural de Manejo de Inundaciones: Una Guía Verde

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Abarca la climatología e hidrología de los departamentos de

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